Pregnancy outcomes of patients with scleroderma include abortion, miscarriage, preterm birth, preeclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction and perinatal death. Beside these poor outcomes, women with scleroderma can safely have healthy pregnancies. The aim of this study is to evaluate a pregnant woman with scleroderma. A 24-year-old primigravid pregnant woman with a history of controlled and stable scleroderma for 4 years was referred to the current clinic at 34 weeks of pregnancy with a diagnosis of preterm labor. On admission, she was at the beginning of the active phase of labor. Tocolysis with oral nifedipine of 10 mg was initiated and it had been successful. The patient was discharged on day 3 after the contraction stopped and advised weekly control. She applied to delivery unit at 36th week of her pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby vaginally, measured 46 cm in length and weighed 2000 gr. In conclusion, many women with scleroderma may have successful pregnancies and healthy babies, but a pregnant patient with scleroderma should be followed up by an interdisciplinary medical team including an obstetrician and rheumatologist to control disease activity and avoid possible complications.
Successful pregnancy in a woman with stable scleroderma: report of a case
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