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 Obs tetrics & G ynecology  Obs tetrics & G ynecology
        Case Report

 with a right-sided pneumothorax should be evaluated for   endometriosis is increasing considered to be a clinical di-
 endometriosis, especially if significant pelvic symptomatol-  agnosis [23], in woman investigated  with laparoscopy,   Near Miss Postpartum Woman with an Amniotic Fluid Embolism, a Rari-
 ogy is present.  The overlap between pelvic and thoracic en-  scrupulous inspection of the diaphragm is warranted even   ty Requiring Multidisciplinary Approach
 dometriosis cannot be overstated.  In a retrospective review   if in the absence of a history of thoracic symptoms as this
 of 156 women with women with pneumothorax, pelvic en-  may identify some women at risk of future pneumothorax.
 dometriosis symptoms were significantly more common in
 those found to have thoracic endometriosis [14].  In symp-  Acknowledgement  Natalia Hanson¹*, Christopher Heron¹, Emil R. Szabo²
 tomatic women who went on to laparoscopy, 80% had con-  None
 firmed pelvic endometriosis.  Moreover, if surgical man-  Declaration of Interest  1 Department of Family Medicine, Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Mount Nittany Medical Center,1850 East Park Ave, Suite 207, State College,
 agement is undertaken, gynecologic consultation should be   R.L.R has been consultant to Allergan, Aspen and Bayer and has served   PA, 16803, United States
         Department of Obstetrics- Gynecology, Solo Practitioner, 251 Easterly Parkway, State College, PA, 16801, United States
 considered both intraoperatively and in follow up.  While   on the Data and Safety Monitoring Board for Merck.
        An amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is a condition with one of the highest pregnancy- associated mortality rates, accounting for 5-15% of pregnancy-re-
        lated deaths worldwide. This article describes a case of a 36- year- old G4P1 at 38 weeks of gestation who underwent a planned Cesarean section for
        a placenta previa which was complicated by cardiac arrest and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy secondary to a suspected AFE. The patient
        was treated with a multidisciplinary approach, rapid response to alterations in vital stability and factor VII. The unpredictable nature of AFE and the
        gravity of its sequelae warrant high suspicion in those at risk for AFE, as early recognition and prompt treatment can improve morbidity and mortality.

        Key Words:
 References  Amniotic fluid embolism, disseminated intravascular coagulation, vaginal bleeding, factor VII

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 ment  of  pain  associated  with  endometrio-  18. Joseph J, Reed CE, Sahn SA. Thoracic endometrio-  Accepted: 21/07/2017  were as follows:  Hgb: 11.7, Hct: 35.3, PTT: 27.7, INR: 0.9
                                                                The  child  was born with an APGAR of 8/9 at  0804. At
        *Correspondence: Natalia Hanson
        Address: Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center,   0805 the  patient  developed  seizure-like  activity  and be-
        Mount Nittany Medical Center,1850 East Park Ave, Suite 207, State   came  unresponsive.  She  was intubated,  received  Atro-
        College, PA, 16803, United States
        Tel: 8144241230
        Fax: 8142352482
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