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Turgut et al.

higher in triplets babies delivered by cesarean section [7]. of twin to twin transfusion, preterm birth and caesarean
Postpartum haemorrhage is the most common cause section have increased among triplet pregnancies. Avoid-
of maternal mortality among triplet pregnancies with ing multiple follicular development and cancellation
and incidence of 10-35%. Risk of uterine atony is high- of treatment by withholding intrauterine insemination
er in the cases of overstretched uterus as in the multiple when more than 3 mature follicles have been encoun-
pregnancies. Improvement of anemia or hypovolemia tered during ovulation induction will decrease the prob-
and preparation of blood components, planned deliv- ability of higher order pregnancies for infertile couples.
ery is helpful for preventing postpartum bleeding [8].
In conclusion, triplet pregnancies include high risks for Acknowledgement
increased maternal and neonatal morbidity rates. Rates None
of diabetes, anemia, amniotic fluid abnormalities, preg-
nancy-related hypertension, eclampsia, cervical insuf- Declaration of Interest
ficiency, placenta previa, need for tocolysis, syndrome None


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