Hemorrhage that leads to death in first trimester either because of spontaneous or induced abortion is 22% of first trimester maternal deaths. Deaths caused from the spontaneous rupture of uterine vein is rare. In this report we present a case of first trimester maternal death due to hemorrhage. Thirty-three year old women admitted to emergency department with complaints of dizziness and fainting and had cardio-pulmonary arrest within admission. The patient did not respond to resuscitation and autopsy was performed. Full-thickness rupture on left uterine vein and 18x20x6 cm retroperitoneal hematoma was detected. There were not any signs of trauma which might have caused rupture in the uterine vena. Twelve weeks of intrauterine pregnancy was detected and 700 ml hemorrhage was drained from uterus. There was a widespread bleeding on the surface of the endometrium. Biochemical analyses showed no toxic substances in blood, urine and tissues of internal organs. Histopathological examinations demonstrated widespread edema in the lungs and infected necrotic residual tissues in the placenta. The cause of death was explained with bleeding from ruptured uterine vein and placental abruption.

Authors: Nergis Canturk, Aslı Oskovi, Gurol Canturk, Duygu Yavuz

Key Words: First trimester bleeding; maternal death; spontaneous uterine vein rupture

Maternal death caused by uterine vein rupture in first trimester: A case report
Journal of Cases in Obstetrics & Gynecology
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