Psammocarcinoma is a rare variant of ovarian serous carcinoma and similar to carcinomas that exhibit low-malignant potential. A woman aged 38 years was admitted to the gynecology clinic with abdominal distension and amenorrhea. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed lobulated calcified abdomino-pelvic masses and multiple peritoneal implants. The patient was diagnosed as having ovarian tumor and underwent surgery. During the operation a papillary solid mass approximately 100x150 mm in diameter was found that involved the adnexa bilaterally, showed adhesions to the pelvic organs, and had totally invaded the uterus. In addition, multiple tumoral implants ranging from 2- 3 cm in size were seen on the bladder, in the anterior wall of the abdomen, and omentum. An optimal debulking surgery was performed. Pathology reported a borderline serous tumor in the left adnexal region, a microinvasive serous tumor and psammomatous carcinoma in the right adnexal region, and bilateral non-invasive desmoplastic implants in the pelvic lymph nodes. The patient underwent 6 cycles of paclitaxel and carboplatin chemotherapy after surgery. No recurrent tumor has been observed since the primary surgery in November 2014. This case report draws attention to the recommendation for surgery and subsequent administration of adjuvant chemotherapy in psammomatous ovarian cancer.
Psammomatous ovarian tumor arising from the surface epithelium a borderline serous tumor
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